The Round Pond team of professional consultants, each an expert in his or her field, know how to ask the right strategic marketing questions for your Massachusetts business, and how best to interpret the answers to help meet your business goals. Here are examples of the services we deliver:

  • Strategic Marketing Plans (Quick programs and in-depth annual plans)
  • Multi-media advertising (print-radio-cable-network-web-social web)
  • WordPress user-friendly website solutions –social networking and web redevelopment, blog
  • Brand and corporate identity packages (logos, brochures, sell-sheets)
  • Media and public relations to foster awareness through editorials, bylines and guest appearances
  • Marketing tools with a call to action-that get results

Work with your staff conducting internal workshops or one-on-one for:

  • Marketing coaching and networking skills that set the environment for sales
  • Step by step lessons on how best to maximize your new website

Work with nonprofit organizations for :

  • Marketing and educational development programs
  • Feasibility studies with summarized results and recommendations
  • Fundraising campaigns as professional council to leadership
  • Donor recognition programs that showcase your contributors and engender pride